Member of The Israeli Real Estate Appraisers Association

Yair Yedid & Co. - Real Estate Appraiser

The office was established in 2000 and specialises in carrying out real estate appraisals and evaluations throughout Israel and in particular in the areas of Jerusalem, Mevaserret Tzion, Tzur Hadassah and the neighbouring communities.

Real estate appraisal is both varied and all-inclusive depending on the purpose of the evaluation. It can be based on Market Value, Value-in-Use and a Special Value all of which are carried out in accordance with the established methods of real-estate appraisal.

Our clients include banks, companies, lawyers, architects, private clients and the following organizations:

Leumi Bank Ltd. Mizrahi Tfachot Bank Ltd. Mercantile Discount Bank Ltd. Bank Igud (Union Bank). Bank Yahav. The Economic Society for Developing Ramat Gan. Arim Company Limited